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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles is a psychotherapy group comprised of psychologists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression, anxiety, and a numerous other psychological concerns. All of our therapists are experts in the field, some of whom are or have been psychology faculty at top universities. We specialize in evidence-based treatments, those whose effectiveness has been proven by the most current scientific research. Our expert psychologists and clinically-proven methods make us the premier treatment center in Southern California. At Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles, we are proud to serve West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.  If you’d like to schedule an appointment or speak with someone to get more information, visit here.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a short-term, highly focused therapy that has been shown to be the best treatment for numerous psychological problems. Whereas traditional talk-therapy often focuses on early childhood, cognitive behavioral therapy is an active goal-oriented treatment aimed at solving problems and reducing symptoms by focusing on the present. Rather than repeatedly rehashing early experiences and past relationships, CBT helps people solve the actual problems they currently face, resulting in greater treatment gains  in a shorter period of time. Research has shown CBT to be among the most effective treatments for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, ADD/ADHD, diet and exercise, smoking cessation, dissatisfaction with life, as well as a host of other psychological needs. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy involves the use of well-researched self-help skills as homework assignments to actively change thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This home-practice approach allows significant improvement to occur much earlier in treatment than in traditional talk therapy. As a result, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you make changes faster, end treatment sooner, and teach you to become your own best resource to solve problems. Overwhelming research suggests cognitive behavioral therapy is the treatment of choice for most disorders, with numerous studies supporting CBT treatment for depression and anxiety. For more information about CBT treatment approaches to specific problems, including length of CBT treatment and rates of effectiveness, explore the links in the menu above.

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