CBT in West L.A.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles is located in West L.A. If you are looking for therapy in West Los Angeles, there is high-quality CBT available close to you. 

Overwhelming research has found that most psychological problems are highly treatable when cognitive behavioral therapy is used. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a brief treatment designed to help people change their destructive thinking and behavior patterns. Unlike traditional talk therapy, CBT is an active, present-oriented treatment focused on teaching patients skills they can use, rather than endlessly rehashing the past. 

The cognitive behavioral therapists at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles are doctorate-level clinicians who have taught clinical psychology at the graduate level, and have supervised graduate level therapists in training. We will collaborate with you to develop the most effective and efficient treatment plan to help you reach your goals. Click here for more information about cognitive behavioral therapy, or here to schedule an appointment today.