Dialectical Behavior Therapy Centers in Southern California

Below you will find a listing of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) programs and resources in Southern California. Only programs providing fully-adherent DBT are included in this list. Although many clinicians are trained in dialectical behavior therapy, only those programs providing all four modes required for DBT (individual therapy, skills training, phone coaching, and team consultation) are considered fully-adherent.

Low-Fee DBT Programs

Edelman Mental Health Center, West Los Angeles: 310-966-6500

Long Beach Mental Health Center, Long Beach: 562-599-9280

Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance: 310-222-3020

Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center, Culver City: 310-390-6612


Training Clinics (using primarily unlicensed trainee-therapists)

CBT/DBT California, Multiple Locations: 800-624-1475

UCLA Psychology Clinic, Los Angeles: 310-825-2305


Private-Pay and Programs Covered By Insurance

Westside DBT, Los Angeles: 310-478-8494

Clearview Treatment Center, Los Angeles: 800-573-0770

ABC Recovery Center, Indio: 760-289-2128

Applied DBT Clinicians, San Diego: 619-569-0777

Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center, Redlands: 909-558-9288

Crestwood Behavioral Health Center, Bakersfield: 661-363-8127

DBT Center of Orange County: 949-480-7767

DBT Center of San Diego, San Diego 619-602-0726

DBT Center of San Gabriel Valley, Sierra Madre: 626-470-9834


For a complete listing of intensively trained therapist and certified DBT programs outside of southern California, visit the Behavioral Tech Clinical Resource Directory


This directory is not an endorsement of any DBT provider. Always consult other resources including your doctor or other trusted professionals, your state's psychological or psychiatric association, local university psychology or psychiatry departments, or your local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Inquire into the credentials of any practitioner before choosing a therapist.