What to Do If You Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder

If you think you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder or another anxiety disorder, the first person you should see is a mental health professional. The practitioners who are most helpful with anxiety disorders are psychologists who have training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and/or behavioral therapy. Once you find a mental health professional with whom you are comfortable, the two of you should collaborate to make a plan to treat your anxiety disorder together. Luckily, most insurance plans will cover treatment for anxiety disorders. Check with your insurance company to find out.

If you are unsure whether you need treatment, read through the following questions to determine if treatment is right for you:

  • Do you think you worry persistently about several areas of your life? This can include anything from important life circumstances, such as health, career, and relationships, or more minor issues such as being on time, making a mistake, or being perfect.

  • Do you have difficulty controlling your worry? Do you have difficulty refocusing your attention from it, or feel like worrying about things distracts you from doing things?

  • Do you feel tense or have frequent muscle soreness, particularly in your neck, shoulders, or back?

  • Do you have difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, or both?

  • Are you easily tired or fatigued during the day?

  • Have you noticed problems with concentration, attention, or memory?

  • Do you think you are more easily irritated, due to being more keyed up or on edge?

  • Do you consider yourself to be overly nervous, or a generally nervous person?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it is likely your symptoms of anxiety have becoming problematic, and that you may benefit from treatment. At Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles, we specialize in anxiety disorder treatment and diagnosis. Call or email today for an appointment.