Do I Need Treatment for Social Anxiety?

If you feel social anxiety is significantly affecting your life in a negative way, you may benefit from CBT treatment for social anxiety. The following questions may help you explore whether you would like to reduce your social anxiety. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may want to consider getting treatment for social anxiety.

  • Do you avoid things you might enjoy due to concern about feeling anxiety?

  • Do you have increased difficulty thinking, communicating, or interacting with others as your anxiety increases?

  • Do you avoid dating due to fears of asking someone out?

  • Do you want a better, more rewarding social life, but avoid making plans with others due to fears about how the plans will turn out?

  • Do you have difficulty stating your opinion due to concerns about judgment from others?

  • Do people say you’re shy or withdrawn in social situations?

  • Do you turn down invitations because you predict you will be uncomfortable?

  • Does being the center of attention cause you to feel self-conscious or tense?

  • Do you worry that others will see that you are nervous?

  • Do you keep from striking up conversations or making small talk with neighbors or store clerks?

  • Does eating with others cause you discomfort due to fearing you will make a mistake, such as spilling food or not having good table manners?

  • Does your voice sometimes shake because you are so nervous talking to others?

  • Do you have difficulty asking for help or saying no to people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety. Learn more about what CBT is and how it works here, or explore the links below to learn more about CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder.