CBT in Bel Air

Finding a reputable Bel Air psychologist can be difficult. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles is located at the intersection of Bel Air, Westwood, and Brentwood. If you live in or near Bel Air, there is high-quality CBT available close to you. 

Many people struggle needlessly with psychological problems for which there are clinically proven, effective treatments. Traditional psychotherapy can last for years, and is often ineffective in solving the problems people come to treatment for. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) differs from the traditional approach. CBT is a brief treatment that is highly targeted to solving your present difficulties, not endlessly talking about problems of the past. It is an active, problem-solving approach that relies on cutting edge psychological treatments and the latest research to quickly make progress on the changes you want to make. Significant research over the past couple of decades has shown time and again that cognitive behavioral therapy is the treatment of choice for most psychological issues. CBT has been proven to be effective for everything from treating Bipolar Disorder to reducing stress and anxiety. It is helpful for addictions, depression, relationship problems, and even more day-to-day difficulties such as procrastination or inattention. Click here to learn more about what CBT is and how cbt works